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We chose "Blue Ridge" as part of our company name for two reasons. The first is because that comprises the basic geographic region of our coverage area. We currently have end users extending from Georgia to West Virginia, but our area of concentration is the Carolinas and southwest Virginia. We cover all major population centers of the southeast, from Atlanta to Richmond. Second, the Blue Ridge Mountains have always symbolized to us much of what we hold dear in life. A rugged, enduring, wholesome existence. A down-to-earth, honest, natural way of life with family and friends. The need for responsible stewardship of Nature's bounty. The stark contrast of peaceful splendor and harsh existence the mountains often bring requires one to be self-reliant, creative, persistent, hard-working, and appreciative.  We try to uphold these values in our daily lives at work and at home.   
Blue Ridge Food Brokers and Consultants, Inc., was founded late in 2002 after we discovered that there were many smaller, independent producers of excellent products who wanted help to market and sell their lines. Some had developed superb products that won rave reviews, but needed assistance to start marketing and selling them. Others already had sales organizations and processes in place, but were looking for help to expand into our geographic market. Because they were smaller or newer, several had been rebuffed by, or had bad experiences with, the larger brokerage houses, which tended to concentrate more heavily on their larger corporate accounts.
We quickly realized that our vast and varied experience within the foodservice industry enabled us to fill the need expressed by these independent producers. The founder has nearly fifteen years experience within some facet of the foodservice industry,including selling for two of the four largest foodservice distributors in the U.S. and restaurant management.  We know that immediate follow-up and attention to detail are essential. We know what end users and distributors are looking for to maximize turns and profitability. We know that manufacturers, producers, and processors need to grow sales quickly. We know this business. In addition, we know what it takes for us to help you succeed.
Sometimes smaller is better. We can customize our services, programs, and support to suit virtually any customer's needs. Since we represent fewer product lines, we learn them intimately. We become experts on our lines. Our extensive product knowledge enables us to offer distributors and end users the features and benefits they need to sell their products profitably. We give every customer personalized service and the attention they deserve. We even offer consulting services for small manufacturers who don't want broker representation, but are just looking for help or advice. We can also provide just marketing and advertising services for those wanting quality, effective sales brochures, or other point-of-sale materials designed for them.
Blue Ridge Food Brokers and Consultants, Inc., is committed to providing desired results through excellence in service, integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism. Our customers are our focus. We realize that our success depends on theirs. We pledge to give your business' success the attention it deserves.