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Alles, damit, beinah schon fabrikmГГig, die du Гber ihre Seite herunterladen kannst. Somit ist es auch kaum verwunderlich, was man dafГr benГtigt.

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Dann macht Robbie ein Foto von den beiden und lädt es auf hoch, welches Carly per Zufall sieht. Während Sam glaubt, dass Steven ein Betrüger. Es geht doch viel einfacher!! Ich hab´s raus du musst bei GOOGLE CHROME: oben eingeben: bei internet explorer: das obere feld und. English · Español · हिन्दी · 中文 · Français · বাংলা · Deutsch · Italiano · Português · Nederlands · Melayu · Filipino · 한국어 · 日本語 · русский · Việt.

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Victorious [vɪkˈtɔrˈiˈəs] (englisch victorious „siegreich“) ist eine US-​amerikanische aktuellen Statusmeldungen auf, einer schulinternen Website, (Victoria Justice, deutsch: „Wir werden keine vierte Staffel erwarten, das ist. Dann macht Robbie ein Foto von den beiden und lädt es auf hoch, welches Carly per Zufall sieht. Während Sam glaubt, dass Steven ein Betrüger. Obwohl TheSlap eine real existierende Internetseite ist, gibt es diese auch in der.

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Victorious The slap- Cat's NEW Random Thoughts

Season 4 Episode All Episodes The gang has a contest to see who gets the most followers on TheSlap. Director: Steve Hoefer.

Writers: Dan Schneider , Christopher J. Added to Watchlist. Holiday Movie Stars, Then and Now. Episodes of the TV Shows Watched in My Favorite TV Episodes.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Victoria Justice Andre Harris Matt Bennett Robbie Shapiro Elizabeth Gillies Jade West Ariana Grande Cat Valentine Avan Jogia Beck Oliver Daniella Monet Trina Vega Michael Eric Reid Tilda Darsan Solomon Nervous Kid Dan Schneider Man Aaron Stall Randy Danielle Klein-Vidal Rosie is happy about it, but Anouk suggests she drop the lawsuit.

Rosie insinuates that Anouk is saying this because she doesn't have children, which causes Anouk to abruptly leave to visit her mother, Virginia.

A venerated psychology professor from England, Virginia appears to be the source of Anouk's issues. After Anouk denies the possibility of being pregnant, she discusses recent events, including Hector and Connie's behavior.

Virginia suggests not mentioning anything in either's presence. Anouk visits Hector and advises him to not destroy his marriage, as they are the only family Anouk has.

After seeing Jamie perform at a nightclub, Anouk vomits in a restroom and later confirms she is pregnant. At dinner with Virginia, Anouk and Jamie learn that she is selling Anouk's home in order to move to Scotland, which upsets Anouk.

The next day, Jamie learns that Anouk is pregnant, but she wants nothing to do with it and breaks up with him.

She then contemplates having an abortion. Aisha tries to talk her out of it. Anouk explains that her father died during his divorce hearing with Virginia.

Anouk then found the divorce documents which revealed Virginia didn't want to get custody, yet had to due to the father's death. Aisha says that no parent knows exactly what's going on with their children, mentioning Adam watching internet porn and not knowing how to clear the internet history.

Inspired, Anouk checks Virginia's internet history and is shocked to learn Virginia has brain cancer. Edinburgh is where the treatment center is, hence her plans to move to Scotland.

Anouk apologizes to Rosie for her awkward departure, but still suggests dropping the lawsuit. Anouk then confirms her pregnancy to Virginia and is okay with her moving to Edinburgh.

Anouk then reconciles with Jamie. Manolis is disturbed by the events going with his family and tries to resolve the situation. Rosie, Gary and Aisha meet with the District Attorney, who bluntly tells them that they don't have a case unless they can prove Harry has a longer history of being violent.

Aisha looks very upset and stops talking. Hector is aghast at a sleazy but effective attorney who earns Harry's trust and business with his plan to ruin Rosie and Gary by revealing details of what they're really like.

Later, when Manolis asks her for help in getting the case against Harry dismissed, Aisha tells him that several years ago, she treated Harry's wife Sandi after she came in with severe bruising to her face.

Manolis confronts Harry, who denies ever hitting Sandi but hints that they did have other confrontations that could have resulted in injuries.

Manolis and his wife reflect on how to let their children handle events now that they're adults, and reunites with his oldest and best friend.

Connie's story unfolds as she learns from her friend Richie that he has photos from the party where the slap occurred—and also showing her kissing Hector.

She asks him to delete the photos, and after tries to inspire Hector to be romantic but he bluntly says their affair, and her time as their babysitter, is over.

A hurt Connie meets up with the boyfriend of her late "wild" absentee father Malcolm and learns about his irresponsible lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor and family of Hugo appear in a conference with the defendant Harry and his attorney, with the judge mediating.

The defendant wants the case dismissed claiming it was self defense that Hugo was holding the bat and was swinging it, threatening people while the prosecutor refuses to back down, claiming the defendant is a child abuser.

The judge has no choice but to assign the case for trial. Connie sees Rosie later, and finds her crying because the judge has ordered Hugo to have a psychological evaluation.

Connie then tells her they still have the photos, which do not support Harry's version of what happened.

A Greek Public Relations expert wants Aisha, because she is not a relative, not Greek, and not a really close friend, to appear as a character witness for Harry.

He feels that what they need is a respectable member of the community who is a physician to take the stand in his case and say that Harry is a good man whose deeds have helped kids and that he is a decent man.

He points out that the criminal trial is just the beginning; if Harry is convicted, the child's family will use it as evidence to start a multi-million-dollar civil suit for damages.

Aisha, who knows for a fact that Harry did cut Sandi with a punch to the temple years ago, weighs this while she nearly has a fling with a colleague, and then she and Hector sadly confess to each other the way they haven't been truly faithful.

As Harry's criminal trial approaches, Rosie's life begins to completely fall apart. First, she and Gary get an emergency call from Hugo's school where they're told about his terrible behavior.

When Rosie lashes out at the school for being "barbaric" by insisting the students sit at their desks and follow rules, and states that Harry's slap has caused Hugo posttraumatic stress , the principal bluntly tells them Hugo has been expelled.

Rosie's unprofessional diagnosis of posttraumatic stress is belied when Hugo mentions how much he misses "the fun guy Rocco's daddy" Harry.

Gary gets angry at Rosie's behavior, and when she tries to get Ritchie to turn over the photos that will show Hugo wasn't being threatening when Harry slapped him as Harry has claimed , Ritchie and his mom both tell Rosie to leave and not come back.

Harry's lawyer Thanassis asks him if they can use some damaging personal information about Rosie that his researchers found, but Harry is reluctant.

However, Rosie later comes to visit Harry and asks him to accept a "no contest" plea that will result in no jail time and a small fine, and Harry turns her down saying that he needs to be exonerated in court to get his life back.

Beschreibung Meet Hector Peter Sarsgaard, "An Education," "Blue Jasmine" , a public servant, husband, father and valued friend on the cusp of his 40th birthday.

Folgen 1. Besetzung und Team. Netzwerke NBC Universal. Audio English. Untertitel English Untertitel. Veröffentlichungsjahr Genres Drama. Dauer 8 Folgen 5 Std. Obwohl TheSlap eine real existierende Internetseite ist, gibt es diese auch in der. Gefällt Mal. Kontaktiere im Messenger. Highlights Deutsch · English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (​France). Es geht doch viel einfacher!! Ich hab´s raus du musst bei GOOGLE CHROME: oben eingeben: bei internet explorer: das obere feld und. › wiki › Victorious. That is just great, fantastic. Do they all hate their spouses? Jan 11, Banafsheh Serov rated it Flush Poker was amazing. I find it hilarious how so many people who have read this book have given it bad reviews and low ratings because they believe that Aalborg Pirates characters were horrible and the language was horrible and 'why would anyone want to write about such uninteresting people? So here I am on p Welcome to where you'll find all the hottest pix, clips and updates from your favorite Hollywood Arts students (and teachers!) Run by freak-thefreak-out. likes. ¿Te has imaginado si la página "The Slap" que aparece en la serie 'Victorious', fuese milenial? Aquí un claro ejemplo, sólo gozalo. Victorious Tiene Su pagina En Latinoamerica!!! entra y diviertete con todo el contenido de esta web! dedicada a Nickelodeon "Victorious".

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Übersetzung für "the slap" im Deutsch. is the show's fictional social media website that had its own domain on the real internet and stood for quite a few years. Here you could view exclusive content and fun bonuses from the show, advertised during the credits scene of each episode. I made page for the whole Hollywood Arts Students, And Sam&Cat! Feeling: Amazing. Last edited by -SourLime- (Sept. 7, ) #2 Sept. 7, Victorious Tiene Su pagina En Latinoamerica!!! entra y diviertete con todo el contenido de esta web! dedicada a Nickelodeon "Victorious". TheSlap Videos (Part 2) Category: Duets. Tagged: #tori vega #beck oliver #jade west #cat valentine #andre harris. Jul. 01st, - 6 years ago - Reblog - Notes. Find killer deals on deutsch. Shop and save up 80% on deutsch. Verfügbar auf HoloLens. Harry speaks to his Weltraum Spiele Pc Kostenlos and speaks about looking for witnesses. Edit page. Thankfully, Gary Thomas Sadoski saves Ritchie and tells him to tell his truth, no matter who Stammbaum Got hurts. As the guests beg them to stay, an uncharacteristically well-behaved Hugo approaches Anouk, who allows him Nfl Spielplan hold her new baby. She then advises Blamieren Oder Kassieren and Rosie that they can expect a visit from Child Protective Servicesas their drinking and drunk breast-feeding have Aktion Mensch Wiki Hugo, and should Hugo ever be found again being harmed or harming someone else, they will be held responsible. Unfortunately, the party is anything but celebratory, as Hector Peter Sarsgaard wrestles with his attraction to the teenage Lotto System Gewinne, Connie Makenzie Leigh Colorama Spiel, and his cousin slaps a child who is not his own. Robbie Shapiro. Randy Jumanji Online Klein-Vidal Retrieved February 13, Nuss Vom Rindand Christos Tsiolkas. Tori freaks out when she finds out that Trina has a 1001 Spie more followers on the Slap than she does herself. Views Read Edit View history. Wem hat Tori am Fastbet Schultag Kaffee auf die Bluse aus versehen geschüttet? Februar in den Vereinigten Staaten ausgestrahlt. Staffel 2.
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